2022 World Cup: Winners and Losing Teams Of The Group Stage

Winners and Losing Teams and 32 teams selection stage

There were total 32 teams who were selected before the Qatar World Cup matches start. All those teams were selected on the basis of their past performances in the European leagues. Where every coach and management of the team selected some top players from all. They were prepared on different stages such as those selected players were tested in EUFA matches then in Friendlies matches also. Then some players faced injuries during all these matches also. On these basis some new players were also tested on the last stage when Men’s Football World Cup was about to start. So all team had suffered also during bringing these changes.

Winners and Losing Teams Of The Group Stage
Winners and Losing Teams Of The Group Stage Matches

Group Stage Matches:

Then finally the day came when all teams reached Qatar to play FIFA sports games. All the 32 teams were divided into 8 Groups (A-H). There were 4 teams in each group. Then the Group stage matches started from November. Every team had to win match to reach top in ranking position. Because to reach next round only top 2 from each group had to be selected. Rest of the teams had to go home.

Winning Group Stage teams

The Group Stages matches has been ended now and round 16, stage 2 started. Where 16 teams will play against each other.

Group A:

Netherlands and Sengal have finished in top 2.

Group B:

England and USA will play round 2 matches.

Group C:

Argentina and Poland successfully qualified for round 16.

Group D:

France and Australia entered next round of FIFA world cup.

Group E:

Spain and Japan are in top 2 from Group E and now in round 16 also.

Group F:

Croatia and Morocco fight till the end and entered next knockout stage of 16.

Group G:

Brazil and Switzerland are in next round 16 games, that is going to he played in Qatar.

Group H

Portugal and South Korea also entered in round of 16.

Loosing teams:

Every team has given their best, despite they lost matches and they had to back home. Some of their had bad luck Because they performed well and were deserving teams including: Ecuador, Mexico, Germany, Belgium and Cameron these teams had good points also.

Top Winning Performers

  1. Kylian MbappĂ©” is a French football player, He is the one who has more scores in Group stage as compared to other players in his team. “Messi” was bit slow down but his defending power stronger than others.
  2. “Cody Gakpo” Dutch process player is on 2nd number with less scores as compared to Kalian.

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