Argentina FIFA 2022 World Cup Winner

Argentina FIFA 2022 World Cup Winner

It was the last final match being played between Argentina and France. Where both teams had the same goal points while Argentina won by 4 penalties. Argentina FIFA 2022 World Cup Winner team defeated France. While France took 2nd position because they had 2 penalties. Penalties winning team Argentina and Messi’s 2 goals were enough to win the final match. Otherwise it was a draw match by both sides till the end of second halves.

Argentína FIFA 2022 World Cup Winner
Argentína FIFA 2022 World Cup Winner

Final World Cup Match Preview

Both teams had no matches against each other till now. But they observed matches and both teams prepared accordingly.

First Half

The first half started when French player “Griezmann” won a free kick within just 2 minutes but he missed the shot. Messi continued putting pressure on French players from the very beginning of the match. They were not letting french football players even get control. Messi efforts came true and

  • 1st goal of the match by Argentina player Messi in 23 minutes of first half. Now they were leading with 1 goal score.

Just the 12 minutes more and Argentina had

  • 2nd Goal within 36 minutes by “A. Di María” and now french players were looking frustrated because they had no goal score till now while Argentina was leading with 2 points.

The French again won a free penalty kick within 45+7 minutes but they again missed the shot. Then the first half ended. Now the scores were France Argentína 0-2.

Second half

So the second half started. French players got many free kick shots but they were kept missing. Some of their shots were too fast and some were blocked by opposite team players. It was like going hard luck. While Unstoppable Argentina football players were still doing rock.

Now it was the French turn. “Mbappe” consecutive 2 goals in a row.

  • 80 and 81 minutes “K. Mbappe” 2 goals and the match turning point started. It was a really fascinating shot by him. Now the match was equalized. Both had 2-2 goals now.

Now the match again started after a short break.

  • Messi again took the lead with a straight kick shot towards the edge and 3rd goal for Argentina. 108 minutes goal.
  • in 118 minutes Mbappe again scored another 3rd goal of the match and France again equalized the match by 3-3.

Mbappe played like legend. Team would have lost the game easily without him.

The match ended and on the basis of penalties Argentina win the Final Sport match.

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