Argentina Round 16: Messi Surprise by Winning Against Australia

Messi winning shot in round 16

Lionel Messi’s first half goal helped win Argentina Round 16 against the Australian national football team. Thus Messi became world 2ns highest scorer at the World cup.  Australia had to go back home because there was no second chance in the next round 16 matches. Winning team Argentina is now entered the next round of Quarterfinals where they will also have 1 chance again either win and enter the Semifinal otherwise back to their country. Australia played well but they couldn’t score more than 1 goal while Argentina had 2 goal scores and 1 winning point also.

Argentina Round 16
Argentina Round 16

Argentina 2-1 Australia sport results

The 1st half started and the Australian were hunting like they will not let Argentina get any control over the ball. Only 5 minutes of the match start when one of their players “Enzo” got injured. He faced a serious ankle injury.

Australians were not even letting grab the football to the Argentina players and also not giving them any space to kick the shot directly towards the net. Messi tried his best. The VAR was continued.

The Australian attacked sharply and Argentina player “Acuna” received a yellow card penalty and also he has chances to to be disqualified from the Quarterfinals.

Messi didn’t lose hope and he kept trying to get space so he did it finally it was the goal.

  • 35 minutes Messi bounced the football and sharply kicked towards the net. Argentina were leading with 1 point now. It was Messi’s 1000th game with a goal.

Australian tried their best but they couldn’t stop Messi anymore.

Then the first half ended in 45 minutes of the match and Argentina was winning by 1 goal while Australian even after strong defense and attack had 0 goal points.

The second half started and now Argentina players were feeling like they are more playing more confidently now especially after Messi goal. They were now not letting get a chance to opposite team. There were no any score points from both sides till 56 minutes.

  • That 2nd Argentina Goal. “Alvarez” 57 minutes goal and they were leading with 2 goal scores now.

Then the Australian again came back to the performance as they were in the first half. Finally their efforts came true.

  • Australia 1st Goal scored against Argentina by “Fernández” 77 minutes direct shot towards the edge of net. Now there was 1 goal score difference left.

But the second half ended and Argentína defeated Australia in 2nd round knockout stage. Now they will play against any other next match winning team in the Quarter Finals that is not decided yet.

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