Austin Ekeler interview: Los Angeles Chargers running back on guitar lessons, Super Bowl contention, and the Fantasy Football community

Austin Eckeler: “I’m an athlete, but that’s not all. I am my own dreamer, I try to give the world the greatest possible value and help as many people as possible”; Stay tuned for more from Sky Sports’ interview with Ekeler in the coming weeks on Justin Herbert and Brandon Staley.

Justin Herbert takes the shotgun throw and passes it to Austin Eckeler, who slaps it and weaves his way in for a touchdown before raising a guitar in the back of the end zone and mimicking Metallica as his quarterback unravels the hair and headbutts him. together. Around 2023… maybe.

“Everything is going great, man, it’s really hard, it’s like learning to walk again,” Ekeler told Sky Sports. “I need to learn to use my fingers and play at the same time, so the question arises: ‘What should I watch?’

“It has been a journey, but a journey that will be long and I am looking forward to it.

“If the NFL hadn’t fined me for wearing accessories, I definitely would have!”

There are rarely times when Ekeler sits idle. It doesn’t stop, it runs on a seemingly endless and contagious supply of energy, and it would have no choice. When he’s not learning to play the guitar, he bounces, weaves, or blocks on the soccer field; when he’s not at work, he broadcasts live, participates in or leads philanthropic initiatives through the Austin Eckeler Foundation, or serves as a full-time NFL fantasy football host through his own podcast.

Los Angeles Chargers vs.  Kansas City Chiefs Week 2 NFL Season Highlights

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Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs Week 2 NFL Season Highlights

As for the latter, he has become the league’s favorite purveyor of thinly veiled hints on social media about his health each game week to help those contemplating whether or not to include him on their fantasy team.

He dismisses any suggestion that he’s a fantasy football expert and refuses to offer any advice except one: pick it! Behind the game itself lies a nice path to interaction.

“It’s really amazing. I just realized there’s such a big community around fantasy football,” he said. “I live for opportunity and I see so many different opportunities that the NFL offers.

“There are two sides to the NFL: playing in the league, getting money and playing, and real fans, communities.