David Ojabo: Scottish linebacker on joining Baltimore Ravens, playing with Lamar Jackson and his NFL Draft experience

Scotsman David Ojabo told Sky Sports he thinks he was destined for the Baltimore Ravens and says making it to the NFL is a dream come true.

David Ojabo’s path to the NFL is anything but ordinary or easy, and yet here he is perhaps in the perfect place to land with the Baltimore Ravens.

Ojabo, who floundered during his pro day at Michigan, eventually dropped out of the top 32 before being selected by the Ravens 45th overall.

In doing so, he teamed up with head coach John Harbaugh, the brother of Michigan head coach Ojabo Jim, as well as his former Michigan defensive coordinator Mike McDonald. As for him, it always had to be that way.

“I said, child of destiny, this is all God’s plan, I know that everything that happens in my life is not by mistake, landing here in the Ravens, meeting with Coach Mac in Michigan, even going to Michigan and meeting with the Harbaugh’s trainer. it was not an accident “In case of an accident, we see that the circle is closed,” Ojabo told Sky Sports.

The meetings continued upon his arrival in Baltimore when he was joined by 2021 first-round linebacker Odafe Ove, with whom he attended Blair Academy High School in New Jersey after moving to the United States from Aberdeen as a teenager.

“This is my friend, we started playing football together, we went to the same high school, we have a very strong bond, I know it will be something special, working with him is a pleasure and a blessing,” he added.

While outsiders were sympathetic to the harsher setbacks, Ojabo refused to dwell on something she knew was out of her control.

He will miss the start of the 2022 campaign, though the Ravens hope he can play some role later in the season.

“It was not difficult at all, three days later they operated on me, that’s life, crying does not heal the Achilles tendon and I can’t walk again,” he said.

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