Denmark 0 1 Australia World Cup 2022

Denmark 0 1 Australia

Australia defeated Denmark in last match and they are out of the world cup now. It was the 3rd round from “Group D” and Australia reached the knockout stage. Where top 16 team winners will play against each other reaching semifinal. Now the Furnace can be opponent in upcoming matches as they both qualified for the next round not only this they both have same stats also. In case if they play face to face match there are possibilities of Draw match also. Both teams have less points than Belgium but not less than other national teams also.

Denmark 0 1 Australia
Denmark 0 1 Australia

2 halves Match results:

The first half started, Both teams were trying to grab the football to get goals. Australia was just playing to get points while Denmark was playing to get better position with some points. Because they were already out of world cup. This match was just the formality. “Skov Olsen” Denmark player kicked the (12 min) shot from right side of the net but it was stopped by the “Aussie” player. Otherwise it could be a goal and Denmark had at least a draw match as they already lost 1 game.

It seems “Skov Olsen” was the one showing his great performance from Denmark but due to no proper cooperation he again missed 30 min goal shot.

“Lindstrøm” came into the feild from Denas but his shot was defended by opponents. Australian were only defending the kick shots. Otherwise they had no any good performance in 1st half. Denmark gave their best.

Then the 45 minutes 1st half ended and both teams had 0 scores. Denmark missed so many chances of winning but the way they played audience were also thinking about Denmark winning. After the short break the 2nd half started.

Second half results

Aussies had no control over football even in the second half of the game. The match continued till 59 minutes and both teams were at 0 points.

  • That Australian Football player  grabbed 1 goal. “Mathew Leckie” left corner shot and it was the 1st goal of the match. That was the time for Aussies they were chanting with joy.

But Dennis had still 0 goal scores. That goal put pressure on them and the game changed its turn.

Baccus (80 min) shot was blocked by “Christensen” otherwise Australia had 2 goals. Then the second half ended within 93 minutes and results were Denmark 0 1 Australia.

Denmark head to head match

If we look into the overall performance then Denmark played very well they were truly deserve to win today. They fight till the end but their shots were blocked by the opponents. Although Australians player were playing in defense only.

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