EFL 2022: Coventry City 1-0 West Bromwich Results

Coventry City 1-0 West Bromwich Results

It was the 46 head to head EFL match where Coventry City defeated to Bromwich by 1 goal score. Broomwich seems out of Championship league now especially after the yesterday’s defeat. But on the other hand Coventry last minutes goal score saved them from losing ranking position of top 10. Now this team is leading with 8 position ranking in EFL championship league.

Coventry City 1-0 West Bromwich Results
Coventry City 1-0 West Bromwich Results

Match Preview, Lineup and Results


“Wilson” from Coventry hold the position of goalkeeper. While “Palmer” from Bromwich was assigned on goalkeeper position. “Matt Donohue” was appointed as referee of the match.

Preview and Results:

Bromwich had the chance in beginning of first half but offside shot and they missed the opportunity of getting goal in just 4 minutes of game start.

“Viktor Gyokeres” 12 minutes shot from Coventry but goal keeper from opposite side defended well. He immediately grabbed the football in his hands thus they couldn’t not get any goal score. He again tried within the next 1 minute but fouled.

“Jake Bidwell” 28 minutes shot from Coventry fouled by Jake.

Broomwich were under pressure from the beginning of the match that they couldn’t grab any score as well. Their performance was low till the first half.

Thus the first half ended in 45+1 minute of the match.

After a short break second half started. Bromwich made some changes in the team. They replaced one of their player “Matthew” with “Jayson” in 56 minutes of second half. May be they had some new plans. Coventry also replaced their 1 player.

“Jack Burroughs” from Coventry win yellow card paneity within 64 minutes of second hand.

“Jake Bidwell” 85 minutes shot fouled by Jade. It was almost the draw sports match. Because 90 minutes were about to end. Both team were awarded extra minutes.

Finally Coventry grabbed this opportunity and they had 1st goal of the match in second half.

  • “Viktor Gyokeres” 93 minutes win free kick where he didn’t miss the opportunity and kick the football straight towards edge of the net. Now the match was totally in their hands.

Just within next 3 minutes second half ended. They defeated Bromwich by 1 Goal score point.

Next EFL 2022 match schedule

Now Coventry will play their next match against Sheffield United on 26 December and Bromwich will play against Bristol city on the same day.

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