Gregg Berhalter USMNT Contract After 2022 WC Loss

Gregg Berhalter USMNT Contract

USMNT coach is thinking to continue his coaching journey with the USMNT team for more years in future.  Gregg Berhalter USMNT Contract is about to end. He wants to continue his journey till the next round matches of FIFA world Cup 2026. He thought of this plan after the US FC team missed the 2022 match in round 2 where Netherland defeated USA by 3 goals while they had 1 goal score only. He is still in contract with the team that will expire in the end of this year.

He has started discussion with the US federation management team also. According to ESPN news he is interested in playing European leagues also.

Gregg Berhalter USMNT Contract
Gregg Berhalter USMNT Contract

Berhalter services in USMNT

Berhalter is 49 years old He was hired by the USMNT in 2018. When the USA missed the World cup event. The time is same again. He led the FC team squad. Prepared football players in such a professional way that helped leading the squad to titles in the 2021 Gold Cup and 2020 Nations League.

His smart move of moving towards the world cup with the youngest pro players was also admired as the team was able to enter at least round 2 match this time. Hope he can do more better things for his team. He has 44 caps as a player in sports also.

In his coaching time he led the players in such a way that they had +77 goals they never could before. Maybe the new team is also self improved but all these changes were in his coaching time.

He also did coaching in other teams also including: MLS-Columbus Crew and Hammarby.

New USMNT Coach

There is a huge debate going on social media where some people are in favor of him because he was a very good transition coach. His job was supposed to get USA back into the world cup, out of group stage, and make some type of statement in concacaf which he did. He did the job the best he could. But on the other side, the majority wants a new coach also. US hasn’t ever really had a top tier coach. They want any other who will be more concerned about the team rather imposing his own decisions only.

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