Grenier will be a Mallorca player until 2024

Lhe bequeathed the last one, but his professionalism and rigor on the pitch have been sufficient reasons to continue betting on him in the short term. His was, moreover, the goal of tranquility in sadar. the one who gave him RCD Majorca stay in the First Division. As we have been counting on MARCA, the vermilion entity was very clear that it wanted to continue counting on the services of Clement Grenier. The agreement was already closed and only needed to make it official. Something that happened this Wednesday.

Grenier will be from Mallorca for the next two seasons, at least. The French midfielder has signed a new contract that binds him to the Balearic team until 2024. A club that noticed him at a critical moment of the season. Íñigo Ruiz de Galarreta was seriously injured and Pablo Ortells had to get down to work. The winter market was already closed, so the only solution was to bring a player without a valid contract to the island. That’s where good old Clemente appeared.

Although with the Mallorca shirt he has not enjoyed many minutes -he has only played four games, and none of them as a starter-, he does have extensive experience. More than 150 games in the lyon olympic or almost 100 in the Rennais Stadium they treasure him as a player with class, with determination and who plays with meaning. A player for life.

The second official incorporation

With this signing, Mallorca already confirms the continuity of Paul Mafeo and Clément Grenier himself. On the horizon, a few summer months where the sports management will have to rebuild a team based on several players who javier aguirre will be essential. Obviously, Mallorca’s mission will be to stay in the top flight of Spanish football again.