HC Chris Beard Suspended

Texas MBB HC Chris Beard Suspended

Texas MBB (Head Coach) HC Chris Beard Suspended due to domestic violence in Austin. His brutal behavior at home was recorded by the police. Where he not only abused but also choked a bit to one of his family members. Then women called the police on the spot and he was arrested and charged third degree torture also.

HC Chris Beard Suspended
HC Chris Beard Suspended

Chris Beard Career End

It seems to be the end of his career also as whatever he did with a woman is not endurable as well as not forgivable at all. So the players’ team management decided to remove him from the coach position also. His lawyer had a brief recent statement also where it is said he will be out of jail soon. Wife just withdrew her statement, He’ll be out and getting ready for his sports game tonight at 7. And he’ll do it again.

It is still a mystery what exactly happened at night time as some people say his wife broke the glass and in defense it happened. So anything can be possible. It will be revealed soon.

Chris Beard charged $10,000

He will have to pay $10,000 before appearing in front of a judge. The good thing for him is that the University has not opened any investigation till now and they don’t look into any such intentions also. They might be waiting for the court’s final decision.

Rumors on Social Media

There are many rumors wandering around social media regarding this case. UT basketball coach Chris Beard was arrested at 4 a.m. and charged with felony domestic violence against his wife¬† The affidavit, which can be found on twitter, has the woman saying Beard “choked me, threw me off the bed, bruises all over my leg, throwing me around.” It started when she took his reading glasses out of his hand and broke them, she said. He then snapped, according to the report. The couple had been having relationship problems and Beard was in the guest room, but followed her to the master bedroom. There’s no mention of alcohol. Even if, as reported, the wife declined to press charges, I don’t see how Chris Beard coaches another game at Texas. The truth will be revealed soon.

Bur Chris will have to pay a fine at any cost. No matter if she forgives him now.

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