Iran – USA Wednesday Sports Clash ! Predictions

Iran – USA Wednesday Sports Clash

Iran and USA will play against each other on Wednesday at Iranian 10:30am. This game can be either in calm way or there are possibilities of creating mess during the match. People who will come to join stadium can have clashes too because of whatever happened today was not digest able for Iranians. USA people during protest have made fun of Iran Flag. This will be political match than the fighting for world cup. It is all depends on the players also how they put aside their personal conflicts and play like a player whose have duty is just to win for his nation.

Iran - USA Wednesday Sports Clash
Iran – USA Wednesday Sports Clash

Frosty Relationship between USA and Iran

It is been more than 75 years both countries had already so many clashes now there was a time when both teams could have a warmly welcomed meeting and they would have created a friendly relationship between both countries. But unfortunately recent protest has changed the whole circumstances. Definitely no national can endure someone making fun of their flag. Not only flag, They removed Iranian religious logo also from the flag. That was unbearable for all. There are many tweets on social media especially on Twitter where Iranian incomplete flag is being showed.

Facebook is also full of such posts that have not been stopped. Iranian are also posting against this action. It is like a total mess before the football match starts.

  • USA people are tagging “Group B” Iranian flag after removing “Republic emblem from from the center of the flag”.

USA needs to address such matters and learn to respect every religion. There is a history that how their people are targeting Muslims. That is totally against laws also. Their government does nothing against this except some excuses.

Predictions about Tuesday Qatar match:

If we check the official prediction score then according to that USA will win today. While there are 28% Chances of draw match also. But if we will look into the past matches performance then:

Iranian has played 2 matches, 1 win, 1 loss and having 3 points. While if we look into the scores of USMNT they neither win any match nor lose but 2 draw and standing with 2 points.

Tomorrow match will decide who is going to enter next round 2 matches in knockout stages and who will go home without Victory.

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