Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes meet for first time this season in Thursday night blockbuster

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley downplayed the impact of losing Tyreke Hill to the Kansas City Chiefs. Watch the Chargers @ Chiefs live on Sky Sports NFL at 1:15 a.m. Friday morning.

This is Justin Herbert. This is Patrick Mahomes. It’s a Thursday night football game to celebrate the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs trading blows as Super Bowl contenders for the first time this season.

The statement begins in the new season, as the two set the tone for an AFC West run as superstar-filled and intriguing as any football division.

The Chiefs had a 30-24 opener in Week 3 of last season before the Chargers responded with a 34-28 overtime victory in Week 15. The two NFL battlers met again on Thursday. .

“They are two very special players in the league,” Chargers head coach Brandon Staley said. “They are as good as they can be. I think you can see that the quarterback position is in pretty good shape in the NFL. It’s great for the league when you have so many good quarterbacks at the same time, and a lot of really young ones.

“It is very difficult to cover them, but the future is really bright. These two guys, being in the same division, both young players, it’s great to play.

“Any time you have a division rivalry and then two quarterbacks like that, it’s really good for the game.”

While Mahomes and the revamped receiving corps blended seamlessly, the Chiefs defense limited quarterback Kyler Murray to just 193 passing yards for two touchdowns and 29 rushing yards for five carries as the Cardinals finished 19th in the EPA/ set (set-by-set measurement) . efficiency).

Herbert is expected to have a different and equally simple assignment, though the Chargers may find themselves without top wide receiver Keenan Allen after he suffered a season-opening hamstring injury.

“I have it, and I have it since he came to the league, as one of the best players. He’s getting better and better,” Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnolo said.