Justin Tucker Stun After Losing Match Against Browns

Justin Tucker Stun

Cleveland Browns defeated Baltimore Ravens in NFL sport match by 13-3 goal scores and earned point for Browns. The worst thing happened when Raven player “Tucker” missed a shot from 48-yard field goal and had a 50-yard attempt. This goal was blocked by opponent player. Thus they lost to top ranking position. Justin Tucker stun reaction shocked the public.

Justin Tucker stun
Justin Tucker stun

Justin Tucker stun went viral

Because Justin trucker couldn’t score goal and missed his shot. He showed its reaction in different way. After the match while moving back after the game he was looking more aggressive than he just thrown his helmet to turf that video went viral on Twitter. Most of the people criticizing him in negative way because it should never be option to behave in such way especially when you are in front of public. On the other hands some people trying to defend his reaction by saying he is Human and such reactions can be expected from a top class player who never expect such losses where they not only lost the match but dropped down to 2nd position also. While Browns are on 3rd position still.

  1. But now Bengals are leading with 335 points with 1st position on leaderboard from AFC north group.
  2. Ravens has 304 points
  3. Browns has 313 points.

Ravens needs to bring some changes. Some reasons of losing match are players who dedicate just a lil efforts. Fire Greg Roman and hire an OC that can develop both a running game and a passing game.

Then they should either train or fire John Harbaugh for preaching the same BS after every game and doing absolutely nothing about it.

Now there is a little hope to overcome this defeat is by Winning next upcoming 2 matches. Where team needs to grab 20 points. One loss of the game then there will be no way to overcome this difference of ranking as well as there will be no way to recover points that dropped because of losing match against Browns. “Lamar” can compensate for Roman’s deficiencies. However, it seems impossible for Huntley.

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