Mediapro will continue with the open broadcast of the LaLiga Santander match

YThe start of the next soccer course will be sooner than ever and the fringes that still had to be closed seem to find a solution. One of them, one of the most important one could say, is from television, and finally it seems that in this case there is already a quorum between the parties involved.

The Mediapro audiovisual group will be back the announcer What has renewed the agreement with LaLiga for the audiovisual rights of football, according to the information portal 2playbook.

In the agreement, which will be for three yearsopen summaries are included and, among other aspects, one of the sections that still had to be closed: Who would give the open match? The GOL chain will be in charge, once again, of the transmission.

According to the aforementioned platform, LaLiga expected to enter 14 million euros with this agreement in the second round. Specific, the highest institution at the club level estimates to collect ten million for the twelve-minute summariesfour million for the First Division game and one million for the Second Division.

Second, paid

The fact is that the bidding for the audiovisual rights of the Second Division matches has been deserted, for this reason all silver division matches can only be followed through platforms and pay television