MLB Rumors: Carlos Correa Contract for $315m

Carlos Correa Contract for $315m

Carlos Correa will play for New York Mets now. His deal with Giants came to end. Now he was the free agent. New York set a contract of 12 years $315m deal to play with them.

Stunning turn of events when last night Carlos Correa contract to the “Mets” after the Giants ”Red Flagged” something in his physical appearance and talked about injury, and doctors disagreed. Giants had given Correa a 13 year, $350M deal. Now he’s taking a 12 year, $315M contract from the Mets who had no medical issues. The Giants are 0-10 for the top free agents this off season. Now we know why they abruptly canceled a Tuesday press conference to introduce him.

Carlos Correa Contract for $315m
Carlos Correa Contract for $315m

Carlos Correa Injury

Calros had ankle injury but it was 8 years old incident after that he played many matches he was recovered. Doctors also assured his recovery but Giants intentionally raised this point. It only means that Giants worry about him 5-7 years down the road that something might crop up and the “Mets” don’t care about that. They only care about the physical now. They all had his medical records to check out before offering him the contract. It’s not like he intentionally got injury, It happened all of a sudden, he is only 28.

Mets Owner Interview

Mets fund manager and owner confirmed this news that Carlos Correa will now play for them in upcoming baseball matches. The deal with him was confirmed after his medical report provided by the special doctors.

Carlos was about to also confirm this news in last public concern but Giants intentionally cancelled the meeting. They might regretting their decision of ending up contract with Correa now or may be they were not ready for this news.

It is too late now he will play all the baseball sport games for News York Mets now for next 12 years.

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