NBA Power Rankings: Boston Celtics Juggernaut

Can Anyone Catch the Boston Celtics Juggernaut?

It is time to enlist new and fresh ranking positions of the teams and there is no doubt who will be in the top of the list. It is “Boston Celtics Juggernaut” team who has just several loss in matches and they are the one winning most of the NBA matches. They are like broking a the records.

Boston Celtics New Power Ranking
Boston Celtics New Power Ranking

Old NBA Ranking stats:

  1. Celtics are on number 1 position with 21-5 winning. (21 won 5 lost).
  2. Milwaukee Bucks team is on 2nd position with 18-6 match winning.
  3. Orleans Pelicans team is on the 3rd number with 16 Winning matches and 8 lost.
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers team is on 4th position with 15-9 wins.
  5. Memphis Grizzlies on the the 5th position with 15-9. This team had less net ranking than Cavaliers.
  6. The 2nd last teams was Houston Rockets (7-18) while the team who were in the top bottom list were San Antonio Spurs (7-18) due to lowest net rating also that was -10.7.

Again there will be some changes in the ranking positions this time also but only one thing will be common that is Celtics ranking. They will be still in the top of the list with not only highest winning matches but also because of highest goal score winning in all matches.

New Standings:

If we look at the new NBA ranking positions then scores and points are:

  1. Celtics are still on 1st ranking position with 21 winning. They have lost 5 matches only and having 8-2 LTD.
  2. Bucks on 2nd number with 18 winning and 6 lost matches with 2-0 GB and with 7-3 LTD.
  3. Cavalier are on 3rd position this time with 9 lost and 16 winning matches.
  4. Nets on 4th position with 14-12 while Hawks on 5tg position with 4-6 match winnings.

There are still many matches to be played between these countries and stats can be changed any week. So weekly power Ranking position kept changes. Only 1 thing is common that is Celtics world class performance throughout sports matches. It seems impossible that they will even be on 2nd or 3rd position on the leaderboard list.

Next they will have match with Warriors then with Clippers. The stats will have more changes but this till also there are 60% chances of will still in the top of the list.

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