Netherlands National Football Sports Team Results

Netherlands National Football World Cup results

Netherlands National Football team played against Qatar from “Group A” where Netherland defeated Qatar Squad by 2 goal points while Qatar had 0 goals. It was the continues 3rd loss of Qatar and now they are out of FiFA world cup 2022 with 0 points. It is the lowest score of Qatar they obtained that disappointed fans also who were there to cheer up and with hope to get at least any point from World Cup. Match hosting team is out of match now. This is devastating news for Qatarian people also. Who left stadium right before end of game.

Netherlands National Football World Cup
Netherlands National Football World Cup

Netherlands 2 Goals against Qatar

  • Netherland hit 13 shots out of which 5 shots were on the target and 2 of them were successful.
  • Qatar kicked unsuccessful 5 shots, 3 were on target and all were missed somehow.
  • There were 19 foul shots by Netherland players, While
  • 9 foul shots from Qatar players.

The 2 Halves match results:

The total duration of the match was 90+ minutes that was divided into 2 halves. 45+45 minutes match was just a formality. Because Netherland had already enough points with top ranking position from the group to reach 2nd round. But the total points also matters.

The 1st half started Qatari player “Alhaydos” took the great startup he immediately put control over football just within 3 minutes and was about to kicked the straight shot towards net that unfortunately defended by opponents. Otherwise it was 1 goal for Qatar.

  • Finally after 27 minutes it was the goal from Netherland. Cody Gakpo whose shot towards bottom right corner of the net and it was 1st goal of the match. While Qatarians were at 0 goal.

Then the first half ended within any other goal and both teams were at break. It was 3 minutes short break to relax the players.

Then the second half started and Dutch were continuously trying to attack and their midfielders were busy in distraction of attention from match. Qatari player Mohamad was showing his efforts and there was still hope they will grab any point.

  • Then the another 49 minutes goal from “Frenkie”. Now the Dutch players were leading with 2 goals against Qatar. This goal and the fans started getting disappointed.

So the match ended in 92 minutes duration and Netherland win by 2 goals. They had 3 goals but it was rejected by referee on valid reason.

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