NFL Deserving Players Contract Extension

NFL Deserving Players Contract Extension

There are many NFL players from different teams whose contract will be ended after this season. They deserve more time extension as their performance in recent games was best as compared to the players who didn’t play well at all but still being paid for nothing. “Elgton Jenkins” example is here who even after maintaining goal scores is free agent now and looking to join new club.

There are top 5 players who deserve contract extension;

NFL Deserving Players Contract Extension
NFL Deserving Players Contract Extension

1. Daron Payne from Washington Commerce

He is young player to play 17 quarterback pressures and 27 pressures last session. He has played matches for 17m dollars but he deserves 60m+ to be paid as he can be a key to lead Washington ahead in upcoming sport games.

2.Yannick Ngakoue

Colts defensive end. Yannick Ngakoue has played well enough to earn a new contract with the team. He had $14m contract that is lowest paid although his performance is more than this. He is logged 27 tackles, 25 quarterback pressures and 9.5 sacks with three games to go. He has notched at least eight sacks in every season. He is just 27 who is playing prime.

3.Poona Ford

27 years old player who played his almost all games for Seattle. He never joined any other teams. He has seven sacks in that span and amassed 125 tackles. He has showed 57% defensive mode in recent games also. Last time he had contract for $12m. Now he is free agent and Seahawks are willing to add him in his team.

4.Vonn Bell

Cincinnati Bengals have another opportunity to contract with Vonn. He will be a free agent soon. As his contract is gonna end that was $12m. He is one of the top players. We can say number 1 player with highest rated player of 57%, 73 tackles, seven passes defended two forced fumbles and four interceptions made him top priority player in the list.

5.James Bradberry

Philadelphia Eagles player Brad will be free agent in May. He was in contract for 1 year. They signed the deal for $7m. The Giants’ cap situation this offseason made it inevitable that they were about to part with cornerback. James Bradburybut their decision to wait until May to release him meant that other teams had already spent most of their free agent budgets before he became available. Bradberry eventually signed a one-year contract with the Eagles and he joined them.


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