NFL MVP Enters In Final Four Games

NFL MVP Final Four Games

There are four weeks remaining only in the start of NFL sessions. NFL MVP Enters In Final Four Games that will be eye caching for the countries who participated as well as for the fans. This is not only gonna be the battle for the MVP but also not to stretch in the race for the playoffs. This time the NFL has 1696 players across 32 rosters and only 1 will be the winner. Last time the winner was Rams from Los Angeles. Now there are more young professional players coming to the teams. It is gonna be mysterious who will win the 2023 NFL title.

NFL MVP Enters In Final Four Games
NFL MVP Enters In Final Four Games

Top Best odds Players:

There are top 12 players with best odds till now, As per their performances in 2022 matches and according to December 8 ranking list:

  1. Patrick Mahomes: -110
  2. Jalen Hurts: +185
  3. Joe Burrow: +800
  4. Josh Allen: +1200
  5. Tua Tagovailoa +1300
  6. Geno Smith: +6600
  7. Tyreek Hill: +8000
  8. Kirk Cousins: +9000
  9. Justin Herbert: +12500
  10. Dak Prescott: +12500
  11. Lamar Jackson: +12500
  12. Justin Jefferson: +12500

Bills have too many injuries on defense and Josh is not quite right, either. Too bad because they looked unstoppable. If they get healthy before the playoffs and teams underestimate them, they will be dangerous.

Some players are getting injuries due to not clarifying rules. The rules need to be changed completely. This is one of the main reasons. A QB isn’t a league MVP without some significant rushing yards. 


EFC East:

The Bills have more chances to win this league as they are top of the list. Dolphins are on 2nd number but their is points difference also.

  • Bills are winning with 353 points while
  • Dolphins are far behind with 316 Points
  • Patriots seems to stick on 3rd position with 276 points
  • Jets can hold 3rd position instead of the Patriots as there is not enough difference between both team points 264.
  • While if we look overall all team matches than Chiefs from AFC west are leading ahead with highest points 384.

Plays off matches will begin in 2023. Only top teams will play playoff game. That will be played by 14 January, 2023 till Feb. 12, 2023.

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