NFL Week 14: Philadelphia Eagle 48-22 New York Giants

Philadelphia Eagle 48-22 New York Giants

The match was scheduled on Sunday where they scored: Philadelphia Eagle 48-22 New York Giants. Top teams losing as well as rank position drop down can lead to bad results as well as away from Finals. Giants have made strides to and are a better team than the past. But, they are not there yet. Still a ton of improvements to be made. They are definitely on the right path. Unfortunately they have hit a rough patch over the last 4 games. No time to dwell on this. Team just learned and look forward to Washington to play the next games.

Philadelphia Eagle 48-22 New York Giants.
Philadelphia Eagle 48-22 New York Giants.

4 Quarters Match

Normally 60 minutes is considered enough to play an NFL match but it always takes 3+ hours to decide the winning teams. There are 4 Quarters – 4 half break times to get some rest.

1st Quarter:

The Eagles started playing from the beginning. They were putting pressure on the opposing team but the Giants didn’t let opponents have any attack on them and they grabbed the Basketball somehow. But eagles again put control over ball, Now they were looking unstoppable as their players started getting goal scores. Within 33 minutes Eagles had 7 goal scores while Giants bad 0 scores. They couldn’t pot a single time basketball in the basket. So the first quarter ended.

2nd Quarter:

Eagles again got the chance to start the second half Giants were playing much better this time. Their players had to face penalties also due to illegal breaks. But after the efforts in the end of the second quarter match Eagles had 17 points while Giants got 7 points this time. At least they had some points in the 2nd quarter match.

3rd Quarter:

This time 3 players got injured Kyron, Arryn and Reed had to face injuries due to which they were sent back to get treatment. Not all 3 eagle players were replaced with other players. This time could have been a turning point also. They hand ankle, shoulder injuries. But it didn’t put that much negative effect on the game. At the end of 3rd Quarter again Giants had the same 7 points while Eagles had 10 points.

4th Quarter:

Again Eagle player “Lane Johnson” faced injury and he was also replaced. This could be a good point for opponents because their competitors had replaced most of the players. So they could get advantage of it. But they failed to do so. After continues 4th quarter match the results were Eagles 8 Giant’s 14 points.

Thus the Sport match ended and results were: Philadelphia Eagle 48-22 New York Giants.

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