Peter Lim, awaiting Leonardo’s decision: his ‘silent’ departure from PSG, Brazil, Valencia, his role…

Ythe Valencia It is a very tight club. the talks that are managed -by the owner- they take their time and cook according to the rhythm you want to give them away, about 14,000 kilometers. Leonard is a figure that has jumped to the fore of Valencia because it is much appreciated for the property and fits the bill.

In the midst of a whirlwind of candidates for this position that Lim is seeking for ‘his Valencia, MARCA highlighted last week in its digital edition on Friday that the chosen one, if the Singaporean tycoon could, was the Brazilian. Everything is at the cost of the largest shareholder deciding to take the final step and put everything on the table to convince the doubts that the Brazilian has… because he has them. There is a series of The keys that are marking the approval of Leonardo can be in the air or take the final step. The situation is the following:

Leonardo: a departure from PSG without a statement to avoid discredit

Why has the official announcement of Leonardo’s dismissal by PSG not been made? It is one of the greats mysteries. But it comes to be because of the ‘pact’ between the Brazilian and the bosses of the Gallic club for don’t make a noise about it so what Leonardo’s prestige is not laden with tickets negative… to look for a future. It is something that worried the Brazilian leader, hence his departure from the French entity was not treated as an official matter. That exit and how to deal with it so that it does not affect his resume. Question of forms that the emirs have respected.

Leonardo’s personal life: in Milan he has his children

Then there is Leonardo’s personal moment. He has his young children in Milan as a result of the relationship with the sports journalist Anna Billò. He has been between Paris and Milan for several years and his personal situation -with family in Italy and also in Brazil- makes him confront Important decisions. must do a scale of what suits you best and best for your personal situation. be farther or closer.

The point is that in ItalyAs this newspaper explained last week, it is very difficult for him to occupy a position in an elite club. His time at Milan and dressing in paolo maldini points deducted in Calcium cast a project to count on him again is almost impossible.

Leonardo’s concern (for a long time) is to return to Brazil but…

Leonardo has been thinking about his future for some time. In fact, it has fallen into certain close and trustworthy environments (as they have confessed to this newspaper) their idea of ​​returning to their native country After more than a decade to enroll in a sports project and by the way be closer to the family part he has in Brazil. There are certain Brazilian clubs that are growing at all levels and also in management. For this reason, he looks out of the corner of his eye at any option of signing for a top club in his native country. At the moment he has not wanted -or they have not called him- to take the step. Of course, your personal situation in Milan also plays a role.

Why does Peter Lim see it as the most suitable profile for his project?

Peter Lim is moved by what those around him say. His circle of trust and he has Parisian references that made him rescue that name for this moment. His departure from PSG, an opportunity to try? Well, it is, trying to reach a point or link between the parties.

But it is not easy. Yes, Ok Leonardo knows what he wants and wants the owner of Valencia, he is thinking about it. Putting it all on the table. Assess sports and management situations of the entity. Basically the role to be fulfilled and all possible nuances must be left on the table.