PSG 2 Years Contract Extension With Lions Messi

PSG 2 Years Contract Extension with Messi

Lionel Messi had 2 years contract with PSG which will be ended after this season, But now Paris Saint Germain Football Club is thinking to extend this extension. As they are going to play UEFA matches also. They need Messi who is more experienced and winner of the matches also with most of the goals throughout the tournaments. This contract can last for next 2 years also. It is still a debate. Because there is no clear communication between both this time.

This time Messi is playing for Argentina in world cup Qatar Sports 2022 so there can’t be any contract till the match come to ends.

PSG 2 Years Contract Extension
PSG 2 Years Contract Extension

Lionel Messi has never been eliminated in the group stages of a tournament in his entire career for club and country so, He is the best option for PSG. If they signed the contract then it will be 53 PSG match for the Lionel Messi he will play.

He will be offered 1 year contract and the 2nd year contract will be optional. His current focus is towards world cup only.

Rumors about Messi joining other teams

There are many rumors till now that Messi has joined Barcelona or Miami and left the PSG although there is nothing true in it. He even have not given any of such statements neither in past nor in any of the recent interviews. If there will be such things, He would have announced or given any hint to the fans and media.

MLS team

David Beckham is going to offer handsome package from Miami team. This might be true in future only, Because In one of Messi’s interview he had mentioned, If he will join MLS team this would be an fascinating opportunity for him to work with team and to get other benefits from the contract he will receive in salary package. But he didn’t confirm. These were just his views.

The 7 time Ballon d’Or winner had a rough 1st season in Paris, After being forced to leave Barcelona due to financial troubles in 2021. However, Messi has benefited from “Christophe Galtier’s” tutelage this season.

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