Serie A Soccer Winners and Losers

Serie A Soccer Winners and Losers

Serie A is an Italian league where almost all the club teams participate. This time total 20 teams participated Nationwide. It’s a soccer Italy game but unfortunately not as famous as other football and Basketball games, NBA games are getting popularity worldwide. Seire A Italian national game start in the beginning of every year. This time matches will be started by 4 January, 2023. TBD matches will be ending till 4 June. Then the winning teams will qualify for Semifinal and Final matches. The list of Semifinal teams will be updated after TBD matches.

Serie A Soccer Winners and Losers
Serie A Soccer Winners and Losers

Winner and Losers teams

Because the 2022 Matches were canceled due to FIFA world cup the last sport match was played on 14 November so according to that games here is the list of winning and losing teams as well as good and poor performances of players list:

Winning Teams:

  1. “Napoli” is top of the list who scored 41 points. They played total 15 matches out of which 2 were Draw games. They didn’t lose even single match till now. They truly deserve Serie A final win.
  2. “Milan” club is on 2nd ranking position. They played 15 games, 10 win 2 draw 3 lost matches. Thus they have 33 points. These less points make huge difference to let them take place of Napoli group.
  3. 3rd number is of Juventus who are on just a little points difference from Milan. They have 31 points. If they win 2 more games then they can easily reach top 2.
  4. “Lazio” and “Inter” both are in same boat because both teams have 30 points. Just the ranking and number of match win and lose difference. Lazio lost 3 games while Inter lost 5 games. But the good thing is these both are in top 5 list. Lazio on 4th number while Inter group is on 5th number.

Losers teams

Unfortunately “Cremonese”, “Sampdoria” and “Venora” these 3 teams will be out of league soon. Because they didn’t play well. They have won hardly 1 match. Cremonese didn’t win even single game.

Top Players of Serie A games

  1. “Victor Osimhen” from Napoli has scored 9 goals in 2022 games. Thus he is number 1 man of the matches.
  2. “Marko Arnautović” from Bologna is just behind from 1 goal. He has 8 goal points and leading on 2nd high goal scorer of Seria A league.
  3. “Ademola Lookman” from Atlanta, “Lautaro Martínez” from Inter and “M’Bala Nzola” from Spezia these 3 players have same goal scores 7. It is difficult to decide which player should be at what ranking position.

Their Performance in 2023 matches can fix their position in top 5 players.

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