The Spanish team, prepared for the European Championship: “We are not afraid of anyone or anything”

Lhe Spanish team continues to spend its first week of concentration in Madrid between training sessions, publicity events and attention to the press. The coach Jorge Vilda and the players Irene Paredes, Alexia Putellas and Patri Guijarro were protagonists this Wednesday of the Europa Press Breakfasts, where they spoke at length about the European Championship which starts on July 6 (Spain will debut two days later).

“Things have changed a lot since the World Cup. It gives us the feeling of being able to look any team in the face. We won the first game in a World Cup, in the round of 16 we played against the United States and we made it very difficult. Since then, a lot of very good. Increase in the level of the players, a Federation delivered to the players along with the professionalization and all that adds up is a great level that we have right now. We are going to the European Championship with a great team and with players who are preparing to wage war”, he began Vilda, who assessed Jenni Hermoso’s last minute injury. “It is the bitter side of the sport. He comes with an injury that the deadlines do not allow him to reach. Much to everyone’s regret, because we know how important it is, he has had to leave concentration and call another teammate. We have to go with 23 players who can perform at their best. I am sure that he will come out of this setback and will soon play again and have options in the national team”, he stressed. “Every day I have it more difficult (to make a call) and he makes me happy,” he stressed.

take pressure off the group

On the pressure, the coach stressed that the expectations of the press are unreal. “It’s something I’ve felt all year. I said it because it is reality. Too much is being demanded of a team and some players who still have milestones to meet. We have not won the European Championship and the World Cup and it is already being demanded. That’s what the coach is for, to be realistic. They have never beaten Germany, for example. Let the pressure be mine, we are going to let the team play. We have the willpower to do something great, but give us our time. Confidence in these players is maximum”, values ​​the coach.

Alexia spoke of the illusion generated by the European Championship and the path towards it. “I arrive with a huge illusion. The first day they gave us a PowerPoint of all the new tools that we’re going to have and that gives you a firecracker of motivation. We are going with a lot of desire, ambition, feet on the ground, it is going to be very complicated, but we are preparing ourselves and we want to reach the first game against Finland to go for them”, he pointed out. . “It’s the only thing on our minds. During the season as a footballer he was a medium-term goal. Two years are coming, three, very exciting with the national team”, he highlighted.

Irene spoke about how positive it is that the team has a Barça DNA seasoned with other players. “It’s very positive. During the year we have six FIFA dates and the time is very tight to prepare things well. That many Barça players come means that we have worked on many things on a day-to-day basis and we know each other perfectly. Soccer is automatic. In addition, a group of people with Barça DNA comes together, but on top of that they improve with the rest of the players, each one contributing their best virtues so that the team is up to the task”, he said. “We coordinate very well, we understand each other very well and it is positive for the team, which continue to be specific moments throughout the year,” Guijarro stressed.

On the list of applicants

Regarding the physical plane and having to be at the height of the great powers, Paredes spoke of playing one on one. “Luckily the League has changed a lot. When I left the French League it was more powerful and I went to try it, but in those five years the Spanish League has evolved a lot. I’m still not one of the fastest [Risas]. We women are better prepared, before we suffered because before there was no more. Now the one who is worthless does not have the opportunity. The brutal change that follows, we have nothing to envy to any League in the world and that is reflected in the selection. Before measuring France or Germany it was pfffNow we look at them face to face. Footballers are athletes and that shows every weekend”, highlighted the captain. “It was a matter of time. They are countries that have been working for a long time and ours has been something express. The best teams are the ones that score and we have already reached that level. We can compete against anyone, but it has taken time. We needed time. There is a lot of work, gym, court, better coaches”, Alexia stressed.

Speaking of favourites, Jorge once again drew classics. “I’m not much into statistics nor do I pay much attention to GPS, I’m guided more by what I see. Regarding expectations, what I feel is that we are contenders, but that there are teams that, due to their background or history, are more favorites than us. Germany will arrive with a very strong team, France will arrive with the best team of all time, both individual and combined, Holland is the current champion, Sweden is Olympic runner-up and very difficult to win, all the teams have a very high level.

historic agreement

There was also time to assess the agreement between the RFEF and the players on the economic conditions that are equalized between teams. “It is a historic agreement, not only because of the amounts that we want to improve, but also because of the way of closing the agreement. There have been months of very tough negotiations and we wanted to reach an agreement that encompasses many things and we have achieved it. Having it closed before a competition like a European Championship gives you the peace of mind to focus on football”, resolved Irene Paredes.

“The players made us see that it was not an economic issue but one of dignity. We had to do an exercise to recognize our mistakes (I was talking about a trip) and see how far we could go. A climate of trust was generated that allowed us to close the deal,” he said. Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF, who agreed to the podium to talk about the subject. “The agreement consists of equating what boys and girls receive in percentage terms. International organizations do not allocate the same amount to men’s football as to women’s and that is why a corrective factor has been introduced so that they can have higher incomes. It is a very good agreement, it has been produced in a climate of difficult negotiations. The numbers are fantastic for them and for us too,” she stressed.

Regarding the role of Spain in the European Championship, everyone agrees that the only aspiration is to give everything and do a good job. “We have to be clear that I have never beaten you and we have evolved in recent years. We are going to compete with the best in Europe and anyone can surprise us. It is nice that expectations are generated, but it does not depend only on us. We are going to focus on what we can do and give our best version because we will have more possibilities to go further. I have a lot of trust in the team at the game level, but above all at the human level, which sometimes counts more in these competitions”, sentenced Irene.

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