Uriarte comes on stage and Barkala offers his economic tools

izan athleticc is the candidacy that registered the most support before the Electoral Board and, also, the the only one who has not yet delved into his messages. Jon Uriarte, his candidate, toured different locations in Bizkaia this Saturday to chat with partners and exchange opinions while waiting for a date to be set for his proposals to become visible. The head of the candidacy, who has given interviews these days, will detail throughout Wednesday afternoon the roadmap with which he wants the partners to give him their vote the 24th of June.

Uriarte will not do it with the usual appearance, but he will expand it in a video which will be published on the different social networks of the candidacy. It is the same procedure that he did the night before the official proclamation of the Electoral Board, when with a one-hour video he presented who would be its directors, with whom he had different talks.

We put a date on something you were looking forward to: the presentation of our project. We start tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon, with an explanation of the main lines of Izan Athletic, by Jon Uriarte. It will be disseminated through our usual channels, so that all the athletes can see it and share it”, is the message that was disseminated in the RRSS profiles of the candidacy.

We are going to establish an action plan that will serve as a link between our brand and the visible assets, San Mamés, Ibaigane and Lezama

Asier Zarraonandia, Barkala’s candidacy

The AWednesday’s genda will be opened by Ricardo Barkala’s plate on the 29th floor of the Iberdrola Tower. They do it with a convinced message. “Following the path that will lead him to the Presidency of Athletic Clubthe candidacy led by Ricardo Barkala”, opens the invitation to a press conference in which Javier Aldazabal, Asier Zarraonandia, Lorea Aristizabal, Juan Alcibar and Diego Bareño will participate. One of the objectives is, according to Asier Zarraonandia, “to establish an action plan that serves as a link between our brand and the visible assets, San Mamés, Ibaigane and Lezama”. “We are going to define club ambassadors. The Athletic brand must enhance the international image of Bilbao, Bizkaia and Euskal Herria”, Mónica Durango underlined.

In the same Emphasis will be placed on the management pillars promulgated by Únicos-Unicas Athletic Geuria and that they go through “economic solvency, not being a selling club and putting money on the field”. The letter of presentation of the candidacy in the economic aspect defends “management in a professional, sensible and tidyin which “the maximization of income, the adequacy of costs and the analysis of alternatives that mitigate the fiscal pressure” in an entity that in the economic framework of each season “with the current model it depends on sporting successes and European rankings”.

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