2022 Men’s World Cup: Predictions about Wednesday Semi Final

Predictions about Wednesday Semi Final Match

Croatia lost the match against Argentina by 0 goal scores while Argentina scored 3 goal points. There 2nd goal was enough to win the match. Now there is another Match that will be played between Morocco and France today. France is the country who got defeated by the Croatian teams also. But still they have more chances to enter the Final and play against Argentina.

Predictions about Wednesday Semifinal Match

Predictions about Wednesday Semifinal Match

Morocco France Semi Final WC Match

There is no doubt Morocco has proved him not only in field of football sports but also they showed their norms also where they didn’t criticize any of the team or didn’t use any harsh or challenging words against other teams. As France did and they had to lose the match also.

France Top Players:

France has some top class players whose performance throughout the world cup was admirable. All the players have their own dedication towards game but the one who scored points also are:

  1. “Kylian Mbappe” 5 goals in the World Cup is the highest goal scorer from all other players. He is number 1 in giving the best performance throughout matches.
  2. “Olivier Giroud” who scored four goals and became the nation’s record scorer.
  3. “Didier Deschamps” victory against England then Swanick, windly and Evans victories are remarkable.

Morocco WC top Players:

  1. Youssef En Nesyri who scored 2 goals is considered the top performer in his team.
  2. Hakim Ziyech, Zakaria Aboukhlal, Romain Saiss these 3 players have 1 goal score points.

Yet these are enough for them because they are the first one representing African talent by fighting for a World Cup title.

Morocco FIFA 2022 All Matches

Group stage Matches:

  1. Morocco vs Croatia (0-0)
  2. Belgium vs Morocco (0-2)
  3. Morocco vs Canada (2-1)


Morocco VS Spain (0-0, 3 Penalties and Morocco win)

Quarter finals:

Morocco Vs Portugal (1-0)

Predictions France Morocco Match

There is a 65% chance of winning Furnace as they have high goal score points also. But Morocco has 45% of chances but they do not have that many points according to their leaderboard position.

If we look at the official prediction according to this 63% of France winning while just 13% chances of Morocco winning. There are 24% chances of a draw match and results will depend on penalties decision.

Morocco can also win if they give their best as miracles keep happening they deserve the winning.

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