World Cup R-16: Brazil 4-1 South Korea Sports

Brazil 4-1 South Korea Sports Match

Brazilian and South Korea head to head round 16 match was played in Qatar where Brazilian player “Neymar” had tremendous Performance thought out the match. The Brazil FC made a record of getting 4 goals just in first half at FIFA Matches level where teams remains under pressure especially by begining of the match. In the end Results were: the Brazil 4-1 South Korea. Seems like 20 years history is going to be repeated when Brazil can win World Cup championship title.

Brazil 4-1 South Korea
Brazil 4-1 South Korea

Match Preview

The first half started and Brazilian were looking calm but no longer because just the

  • 7 minutes and “Vinicius” 1st goal. Brazilians FC fans were chanting with joy.

Not the 5 minutes were passed that another goal from Brazil.

  • “Neymar” win penalty and he didn’t miss the shot at all his bottom right corner shot was enough to get 2nd goal score of the match.

South Koreans were shocked at this performance but they didn’t loss hope they again tried to play from a bit distance with new strategy. But it even didn’t work.

  • “Richarlison” 26 minutes goal for Brazil and now they were leading with 3 points from opponents.

Fans were looking extremely disappointed and they were yelling also because that much goals especially in round 16 then there must be something lacking in South Korea team that they couldn’t defend well.

Brazil players were like unstoppable and unbearable. South Korea player Casemiro took the lead and he tried to kick football from distance in 33 minutes of first half but he couldn’t succeeded.

  • 4 Brazilian goal within 36 minutes by “Paqueta” and now the time it was almost decided the winning team. Because opponents had no scores.

The first half ended in 45 min and half time to get some rest.

The second half started this time Brazilian were not putting that much pressure on opposite team but still they were not able to grab any score. Almost 70 minutes were passed and this time none of them had any scores in the second half. Finally

  • South korea 1st goal in 76 minutes of second half and there was a bit joy on fans face. But still they were looking more hopeless too.

As little time was left to end and they had to score 4 points more that had no chances.

They were true also because second half ended and Brazil win by 4 goals from South Korea. Scores were Brazil South Korea 4-1.

Brazil Reached the Quarter finals

Brazil qualified for Quarter Finals and now they will play against Croatia on Friday, 09 December.

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