World Cup R-16: Brazil South Korea Monday Match

World Cup R-16

This World Cup R-16 Monday match is gonna be played between Brazil and South Korea. Where both teams will play head to head match against each other. 1 winning team will qualify for next round 3, which is “Quarter Finals”. There will be only 1 match of 90 minutes duration. These 90 minutes will be divided into 2 halves. 1 half half will be of 45 minutes and 2nd half will be also of 45 minutes. This is not the fixed time duration of the match because often 3-5 extra minutes are awarded in the 1st half while 6-9 minutes are usually awarded to the teams. We can say the match’s total 90 minutes duration can be extended to 90+9 minutes. But not more than this extra time can be expected. 99 minutes of the match is considered enough to decide win or lose from any team or if they don’t get any Goal score then the match is just considered to be a draw.

World Cup R-16
World Cup R-16

Brazil South Korea Monday match predictions

If we look at the past results then we will come to know Brazil win round 1 matches from Group G while South Korea won group stage Sport matches from Group H.

Brazil Group stage results Qatar:

Brazil was the first one to enter round 16 with good points on the leaderboard.

  1. Ranking position 1
  2. 3 matches played
  3. 2 Win
  4. 1 Loss
  5. 6 Points
  6. 2 GD

While if we look towards the South Korea past performances in World Cup Qatar matches then:

Ranking Position 2 from Group H

  1. 3 match played
  2. 1 Win
  3. 1 Loss
  4. 1 Draw
  5. 4 Points
  6. 0 GD

On these basis we can say there are:

65% chances of Brazilians win today’s match while only 45% chances of South Korea winning the game. But if we check the official update about predictions then South Korea has only 7% chances of winning while Brazilian football player has 77% chances and there are 16% chances of draw match.

It was the unbelievable hard luck that Brazil had loss the match against Cameroon by 0 Goal while Cameroon win by 1 goal only. Hope this will not be repeated this time.

The Brazilian coach also made a good announcement regarding today’s match.


The Brazilian head coach and manager made an important announcement before the match started about the recovery of “Neymar” who was injured in his 1st round match. He had to suffer Minor knee injury. Now his reports are absolutely fine so he will play today’s match against South Korea.

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