World Cup R-16: Netherland Argentina Saturday Match Preview

Netherland Argentina Saturday Match

Netherland Argentina Saturday Match will be played for Quarter Final at 04:00 pm GMT. Winning team will enter the Semifinal. Where one of either Brazil or Croatia will play against each other. This will depend on which team will win today’s Quarterfinal match. Netherland and Argentina both were in the top list of group stage round 1 matches also.

Netherland Argentina Saturday Match
Netherland Argentina Saturday Match

Top teams Performance in WC 2022

Both of these teams had different groups. Netherlands was in Group A where they successfully defeated Senegal, Ecuador and Qatar.

3 matches were played in Round 1:

2 win

1 Draw

7 Points

Argentina also played total 3 matches from Group C against Poland, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. After defeating these teams Argentina was in the first ranking position with good points.

3 matches were played:

2 win

1 loss

6 Points

There is a 1 point difference between both the team scores because Netherland didn’t lose the match so they had 1 more point.

Then the Netherlands defeated the USA by 3-1 while Argentina Defeated Australia by 2-1 in round 16 matches. If we check throughout Performance then Netherland is a bit ahead in World Cup matches.

Top Players:

Both teams has almost all the professional players but some of the top Level players are:


  1. Virgil van Dijk
  2. Frenkie de Jong
  3. Memphis Depay

These players have a good record of playing World Cup Qatar 2002 matches.

While if we see the top players in Argentina:

  1. Lionel Messi
  2. Martínez
  3. Pasio

Messi is undoubtedly a gem in this team. He is the number 1 football player with more goal scores also. Whether you’re a fan of Messi or not but he is a pure magician, He’s been consistent for almost 2 decades, at the age of 35 still delivers, joy to watch, he always gets in the field to walk and model while studying opponents then he scores and assist beautifully. Anyone who understands football will always see Messi as the best footballer that has ever graced the football pitch.

Head to Head Matches

  1. Total 9 Game
  2. Argentina 3 Won
  3. Netherlands 4
  4. Drown 2

Argentina has the quality to beat the Netherlands, but anything can happen as this WC sports has proven already.

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