World Cup R-16: Portugal Switzerland 6-1 WC Match Preview

Portugal Switzerland 6-1 WC

It was the last Portugal Switzerland 6-1 WC sports match of the 2nd round where Switzerland got defeated by the Portugal players by 5 goal points. Swiss FC players had 6 goals while Portugal FC players had 1 goal scores only. They couldn’t get any other points at all. Switzerland players had to face 2 yellow card penalties also. 1 out of 10 shots while 6 out of 15 shots were perfectly kicked by both of the teams.

Portugal Switzerland 6-1 WC
Portugal Switzerland 6-1 WC

Match Preview WC

2 Halves Match

First Half:

The first half started “Renaldo” was replaced by “Ramos”. Swiss players were looking under pressure from the beginning of the match they had no control over football.

  • The match continued till 16 minutes and “Ramos” 1st goal for Portugal.

  • “Fernandes” 32 minutes 2nd goal of first half and now they were leading with 2 goals from Switzerland.

So the match continued till 45+3 minutes and the first half ended and the scores were Switzerland vs Portugal 0-2.

Second Half:

The second half started still, Switzerland football players had no any change in their game they were still not able to get out of under pressure. They had not even that much enough control over football.

  • “Ramo” edge shot in 50 minutes of second half and it was the 3rd goal of the match.

  • Not that much time was passed and the 4th goal within the next 4 minutes of the match. “Guerreiro” goal and the match was almost in hand of that team.

Swizz fans were looking depressed because there was not even 1 goal by their team.

  • A bit of joy in Switzerland fans when “Ekanji” 56 minutes shot and now they had 1st goal score of the last round 16 match. The scores were 4-1 now.

Then the match continued till 60 minutes and both teams had no next goal scores from both sides.

  • “Ramos” 5th goal in 67 minutes of the second half and Ramos had 3 goals in this match.

  • Then the second half was about to end that “Leão” 6th goal for Portugal.

The second half ended and scores were Portugal Switzerland 6-1.

Ronaldo Replacement:

Ronaldo seems impossible to get back to the team although he was the one who led the team in the darkest time of Portugal.

Dark days of 2008 Euro and 2010 World Cup? Remember 2012 Euro where Ronaldo literally dragged a dead side all the way to the semi-final then 2018. No one should forget his efforts for the team.

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